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The script for Daimonion was adapted from a full feature screenplay written by Naomi in 2014, originally called Chimera.

Flash forward a few years & Naomi saw an opportunity to bring Chimera to life again, or more so the character of Layla Wolf.  Having taken on an actress Jessica Stafford as her protégé to train for martial arts & stunt work in the film industry, Naomi planned to take Jessica along to Indonesia with her, to train with Silat Bakti Negara Guru, Gusman Wiranata.  Naomi had trained with Gusman previously & wanted to return to his training centre to make a documentary on the Master & his teachings.  With an incredible destination on the horizon & an actress that bore a resemblance to what Naomi had pictured Layla to be, the discussion was laid on the table – could they also film a short film while they were there?  Could they do the impossible & pull of this production so soon and on such a tight schedule?

It didn’t take long to agree there was a special energy brewing, the timing was right and so…Daimonion was born.
Over two weeks and two islands, the Indonesian scenes were filmed in various beautiful, mysterious & off-the beaten-track locations.  Magnificent, breathtaking & often challenging, the thoroughly researched spots were to set the stage for the film’s scenes that depict the “dreamy” or parallel world of Layla & her journey of self-discovery, challenge & strength.  The spectacular greens of the jungle, majestic temples & wild surf beaches were the perfect backdrop & the Indonesian people were so accomodating & welcoming.  A special thanks to Gusman Wiranata for his hospitality & for coordinating fight choreography for the film.  Read the daily blog of Daimonion production in Indonesia here  
The Australian scenes were filmed in various location around Brisbane, the Gold Coast & Stradbroke Island, and is where we first meet Layla’s husband, Julien Wolf, played by Australian actor Guy Williams.  Guy brought a wealth of brilliance to the film & helped shape both Julien & Layla’s characters with his insight & interpretation of the story.  Filming in Australia, in particular the city scenes, was of great contrast to the rugged terrain of the Indonesian settings & helped lay the foundations of the story of Mr & Mrs Wolf & their somewhat “perfect” up-market lifestyle.
Wrapping in mid-February 2107, total production days care to 35 days, including 18 days of filming.
Now with a 15-minute cut for Cannes International Film Festival complete, the full length of Daimonion is in the final stages post-production, with the full cut expected to make the rounds at various American & European festivals later in the year.  With the production already drawing quite an interest from industry professionals & the like, Daimonion is sure to make some waves.

Ah and the money question, yes you can make a few hundred dollars here and there if you offer quality and material that is on demand. It can quickly multiply as you can sell the same content unlimited times. It sounds like a dream job to travel to locations and just film. It is indeed very enjoyable if you like to wave a camera around but not that easy though. It takes investment both financially to travel and time wise where you need to spend long hours on editing, uploading and tagging. So you have to weight it up whether it is worth it. With persistence and good content you can make some money. Professionals who create stock footage for a living feature around 10 thousand videos in their portfolio library.

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