My inspiration for the Australian Hair Fashion Video of the Year category was to create a sultry and wistful portrait of an artist – Eugene Sokolovs Creative Director at Ette Studio Hair Salon – and his human canvases.

The ambience is pensive – a reflective portrayal – a barren and windswept coastline – evocative – poignant.

A virtuoso of hair and style approaches his human canvases – they are veiled – secretive – enigmatic.

An ocean zephyr gusts – the timeless sea relentlessly and passionately embracing the shoreline.

One by one, the virtuoso removes the shrouds revealing three classic beauties – innocent – incongruous – human faces of spiritual beauty.

He presents them to the elements – the sea and salt air caressing their long and flowing hair – these rare treasures – these precious gifts from a higher power.

He knows they have nothing in common, but are everything alike.

The virtuoso stands proud – his delicate creations vulnerable – demanding his attention.

With relentless authority, the ocean continues to roll upon the sandy shore.

A sea hawk appears above – powerful – awe-inspiring.

The virtuoso understands the bird of prey’s supremacy – its inspiration – its magic.

He gazes once again upon his three beauties and knows that magic is but an illusion – but within his own raw visions, creativity, dreams and fantasies, all is possible.

Naomi Karpati


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