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As an avid golfer, I was excited to take on the job of social media manager for MJ Golf Performance. I have played golf at Sanctuary Cove Golf and Country Club for many years now, and have seen the high-quality players that Michael Jones’ coaching has produced. As a young person, I feel that I am very in touch with social media, and found my place in working in social media and marketing for MJ Golf Performance familiar on both the golf and social media front.

Within my role as social media manager, I maintain MJ Golf’s Instagram account, Facebook page, and the MJ Golf Performance Website. In doing so, I collect and make suggestions for a range of photo and video opportunities that can drive greater engagement from social media audiences, post frequently to both Instagram and Facebook, upload blog posts to the MJ Golf Performance website, manage advertising campaigns on social media and monitor social media traffic and engagements. It is always exciting to see the positive results that social media marketing at this level can have on streamlining a corporate image, and developing more client engagements.

One of the most memorable elements of managing the MJ Golf Performance platforms, was the opportunity to shoot a variety of promotional videos. As part of my work, I identified that there were significant competitive advantages that MJ Golf Performance had over almost all the local competitors. As a result, I engaged in organising a multitude of promotional videos that highlighted the world-class technology that MJ Golf Performance clients have access to, and used these across social media to raise awareness and gain client engagements. With success already evident from new clients around the world, it is clear that social media management has had a positive impact on the MJ Golf Performance brand.

As we look to the future, there is a world of possibility ahead. In particular, I work towards our visionary goals of taking MJ Golf Performance worldwide. With a strong client base already in Japan and Hong Kong, MJ Golf Performance is well on its way to successfully achieving this goal. Social media promotion and streamlining is a significant contributor to corporate success and I look forward to working further with MJ Golf Performance in the future!

Ben Devine


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